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Sweet & Spicy


Korean traditional sweet & spicy sauce

Hot & Spicy


'Korean Hot' spicy Chicken

Soy Garlic


Based on Korean Soy sauce with a hint of honey

Hot Soy Garlic


Soy Garlic sauce with a spicy kick

Golden Crispy


Original deep fried chicken with Korean style batter

Cheese Snowing


Cheese flavoured Seasoning on chicken, dipping in yogurt sauce

Hot Cheese Snowing


Spicy Cheese flavoured seasoning on chicken with yogurt dipping sauce

Corn Snowing


Sweet corn flavoured Seasoning on chicken, dipping in yogurt sauce...

Creamy Onion


Signiture white creamy sauce with fresh sliced onion on the...

Oriental Garlic


based on Mustard sauce, with fresh thin sliced spring onion...

Hot Mayo


Mayo sauce with a spicy kick

Creamy Jalapeno


Wasabi based creamy sauce with Jalapeno topping

Corn Cheese


Grilled sweet corn with melted cheese

Cheese Balls (3P)


Crispy dough with Mozzarella filling, sprinkled corn snowing seasoning on...

Cheese Sticks (4P)


Crispy batter with Mozzarella cheese filling

Rice Ball


Rice balls with seaweed flakes

Twist Potato


Twisted thin cut potato on skewer & sprinkled snowing seasoning



Sausage & Rice cake on a skewer, serving with Sweet...



Half Cheese & Half Sausage hotdog rolled on sugar

Custard Fish


Fish shaped-Waffle with custard cream filling

Sweet Red Bean Fish


Fish shaped-Waffle with sweet red bean cream filling



Thick cut potato chips, sprinkled corn snowing seasoning on it







Pickled radish



chopped cabbage salad with carrot & sweet corn

Extra Sauce


Choose any kinds of signature chicken sauces of Chicken Fryday


Carryout at: 120 Devonport Rd Change it ?
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